Jim Larson
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No one I know, and I know many excellent artists, has expressed his cullture of talent as clearly as you have.
Every word rings true.

02.19.05 @ 10:51 pm EST
nicholas sileno
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i love your website. i am new to japanese ceramics/tea. Your website (along with all of its links) has been an incredible storehouse of information.
Thank you!!!

02.19.05 @ 8:14 pm EST
Robert Yellin
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Hi Rob, Just found your site and a very nice one at that. Fine work and keep the wheel a-spinnin. All the best from Mishima, Robert

02.16.05 @ 7:32 pm EST
Noboru Shinoda
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Wonderful website! I really enjoyed seeing your every works. I am very proud to call you "my ceramic teacher,

02.01.05 @ 7:09 pm EST
James Fornell
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A fiting website for a very talented pro [and bro]! I'm just clay in the hands of the Potter, believing the genesis of art is creativity, which our troubled, often mechanical world needs to deeply embrace. "The creative is the place where no one else has been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition." -- Alan Alda

01.23.05 @ 5:47 pm EST
Art Pasette
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Rob, great website. I enjoyed moving around the site and seeing many of your pieces. I look forward to seeing you from time to time and trying some of the links on the site as well.


01.22.05 @ 1:37 am EST
Cathy Mosqueda
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Beautiful website that captures the spirit of your work. It is easy to navigate, too. Looking forward to seeing what will be featured as lighting.

01.08.05 @ 8:50 pm EST
Victor Hart
email | site

Very nice website, Look forward to returning many times over! I truly admire your work.

01.05.05 @ 11:11 am EST

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