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  My ceramic journey began some 25 years ago and it has taken me many places and brought me into contact with people whom, when it started, I never could have imagined meeting. Importantly an inward journey as well, ceramics teaches oneself about patience, perseverance, focus and the need to slow down in this hectic world we inhabit. The fire gives its lessons on humility, detachment and control as well with each unloading of the kiln. While the journey still continues on a daily basis with more work continually being created, I kindly invite you to spend a few moments in review of my past “travels” so to speak, to see where I have been.

In the words of Leonard Cohen, “Art is just the ash of a life well burned”.

While the task is mighty, I hope that you may find a few pots on this site which will meet Mr. Cohen’s eloquent words.

Robert Fornell
Seattle, 2004

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